5mm ENDOPATH XCEL Trocars with Optiview Technology

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    5mm ENDOPATH XCEL Trocars with Optiview TechnologyBladeless 5x100 StabilityProduct Code 2B5LTBatch Numbers: P4T58Y, P4T665, P4T83K, P4T88G, P4T927, R4000W, R4004GBladeless 5X75 StabilityProduct Code 2B5STBatch Numbers: P4T745, P4T906, P4T91HSleeve 5x100 StabilityProduct Code 2CB5LTBatch Numbers: P4T636, P4T63G, P4T708, P4T89NSleeve 5x75 StabilityProduct Code 2CB5STBatch Numbers: P4T686, P4T99K,P4T79AExpiry: between Sep 2022 - Jan 2023ARTG: 108472, 108482
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