PHIL Liquid Embolic System


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    LEN10250, LEN10300 and LEN10350, lots 15062529 - 15102026 - 15102326 - 16040534 - 15052637 - 15092123 || - 16010528 - 1603142 - 15062539 - 15091029 - 16010637.
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    The liquid embolic system (PHIL) is based on an organic solvent, dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO). The agent is embolicoliquido in a co-polymer soluble in DMSO and insoluble in an aqueous medium. The iodine is linked to the copolymer as the radiopacifier component. The two components of the PHILL are preloaded in a syringe each, ready to use when leaving the package without the need for a preparation pass. The purpose of the PHILL is to be used in the embolization of peripheral lesions and deneurovasculature, including arteriovenous malformations and hypervascular tumors. In the treatment of neurovascular targets, achieve occlusion of blood flow to increase the ease of surgical resection and / or embolized abnormalities without resection. MVLES can be used together with other therapeutic agents and de-embolization, such as occlusion coils and balloons. Additionally, MVLES's viable applications are as an embolization device in cases of hemorrhagic occlusion and vessel sacrifice.
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