BLAKE Cardio Connector


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    BLAKE¿CardioConnector BCC1 J100689 Apr2015 BLAKE¿CardioConnector BCC1 J100776 Apr2015 BLAKE¿CardioConnector BCC1 J101067 Apr2015 BLAKE¿CardioConnector BCC1 J101068 Apr2015 BLAKE¿CardioConnector BCC1 J101069 Apr2015 BLAKE¿CardioConnector BCC1 J102931 May2015 BLAKE¿CardioConnector BCC1 J102932 May2015 BLAKE¿CardioConnector BCC1 J103475 Jun2015 BLAKE¿CardioConnector BCC1 W00024316 Feb2015 BLAKE¿CardioConnector BCC2 J101070 Apr2015 BLAKE¿CardioConnector BCC2 J101071 Apr2015 BLAKE¿CardioConnector BCC2 J103495 Jun2015 BLAKE¿CardioConnector BCC2 J103497 Jun2015 BLAKE¿CardioConnector BCC2 J104536 Jun2015 BLAKE¿CardioConnector BCC2 W00024317 Feb2015 BLAKE¿CardioConnector BCC3 J101073 Apr2015 BLAKE¿CardioConnector BCC3 W00024318 Feb2015
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    Worldwide Distribution-- USA (nationwide) and Puerto Rico and the countries of Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Columbia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, French Guinea, French Polynesian, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait , Netherlands, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Dominica Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Guadeloupe, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Martinique, Mozambique, Portugal, Reunion, Russia, Saudia Arabia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, and United Kingdom.
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    Blake Cardio Connector 1 unit, Manufactured for: Ethicon, Inc. Somerville, New Jersey, 08876-0151. || Closed Wound Drainage Systems have been used as an adjunct in the following specialties to evacuate potentially detrimental collection of certain fluids (e.g. pus, extravascular blood, bile) from wounds in body cavities and to reduce the risk of infection.
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    Model Catalog: BCC2 (Lot serial: >10 NUMBERS CONTACT MFR); Model Catalog: BCC3 (Lot serial: >10 NUMBERS CONTACT MFR); Model Catalog: BCC1 (Lot serial: >10 NUMBERS CONTACT MFR); Model Catalog: 2212 (Lot serial: J101270); Model Catalog: 2210 (Lot serial: J108130); Model Catalog: 2213 (Lot serial: J101607); Model Catalog: 2210 (Lot serial: J101607); Model Catalog: 2213 (Lot serial: J100011); Model Catalog: 2217 (Lot serial: W00024310); Model Catalog: 2216 (Lot serial: W00024310); Model Catalog: 2217 (Lot serial: J108183); Model Catalog: 2216 (Lot serial: J108183); Model Catalog: 2217 (Lot serial: J108182); Model Catalog: 2216 (Lot serial: J108182); Model Catalog: 2217 (Lot serial: J104968); Model Catalog: 2216 (Lot serial: J104968); Model Catalog: 2217 (Lot serial: J101518); Model Catalog: 2216 (Lot serial: J101518); Model Catalog: 2217 (Lot serial: J100183); Model Catalog: 2216 (Lot serial: J100183); Model Catalog: 2217 (Lot serial: J101511); Model Catalog: 2216 (Lot serial: J101511); Model Catalog: 2217 (Lot
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