Anesthesia Machine Fabius GS Premium, Shot, Shot D-M, MRI, plus, plus XL

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    The FABIUS MRI is an inhalation anesthesia machine that has been designed for use in MRI environments of operating rooms and induction and recovery rooms. It can be used in MRI scanner rooms with 1.5 tesla and 3 tesla magnets for a marginal field strength of 40 mtesla (400 gauss) or less. It can be used with o2, n2o and air (air), supplied by a medical gas piping system or externally mounted gas bottles. FABIUS MRI is equipped with a compact respiratory system that offers fresh gas coupling, PEEP (positive pressure at the end of the breath) and pressure limitation. The equipment offers the following ventilation options: volume controlled ventilation; Pressure controlled ventilation; pressure support (optional); simv / ps (optional), manual ventilation; spontaneous breathing FABIUS MRI is suitable for use in magnetic resonance environments of 1.5 tesla and 3 tesla with a magnetic field of 40 mtesla or less
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