Desensitizer Nano P - FGM

  • Modelo / Serial
    NANO-P, lot 100415
  • Descripción del producto
    Indicated to desensitize and / or remineralize the dental surface in the treatment of dental hypersensitivity, dental hypersensitivity treatment associated with prophylaxis, scraping and corono-radicular smoothing, prevention of carious lesion in high-risk patients, active young caries adults, orthodontic patients , elderly patients, patients with special needs, pregnant women, patients with xerostomia, auxiliary in the prevention of erosion in patients who make great ingestion of food and acid drinks and who make current use of drugs, help in the prevention of deerosion in patients committed by vomiting, regurgitation of juice gastric and recurrent gastric refluxes, remineralization of white spot lesions in general.
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