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    Product description: GLIDESHEATH SLENDER consists of an introducer (a sheath and a dilator), a flexible tip mini guide and a vascular access needle. The surface of the pod of this product is covered with a hydrophilic coating exclusive of TERUMO CORPORATION. When the surface of the sheath is wetted, good lubrication is achieved and the coefficient of deflection is markedly reduced. Description of the components: consult the product label for an appropriate description of the components it contains. All the components that enter the blood vessels are radiopaque. Sheath: incorporates a unidirectional valve and a three-way key connected to a lateral tube. The sheath can be used with catheters of the same diameter in FR, and even with catheters up to 2 FR. Minors without any loss of blood through the unidirectional valve. Dilator: the precise adjustment between the sheath and the dilator allows the simultaneous manipulation of both. Mini-guide: supeelástica guide, this surrounded by a smooth surface hemorepelente avoids the possibility of kinks. Vascular access needle: internal metallic needle and a plastic cannula. Inserter of the guide. Instructions of use: the GLIDESHEAT SLENDER is used to facilitate the placement of a catheter in the radial artery through the skin.
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