magnetic resonance equipment

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    T5, T10-NT, ACSNT, Intera 0.5T / 1.0T / 1.5T, Achieva 1.5T, Multiva 1.5T
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    The intended use of PHILIPS MRI medical electromedical systems is class IIa diagnostic equipment. The systems can generate transverse and spectroscopic images in any orientation of the internal structure of the head, body or extremities. Magnetic resonance images represent the spatial distribution of protons or other nuclei with spin. The appearance of the images is determined by different physical properties of tissue and anatomy, and the technique of acquisition by applied MRI. The image acquisition process can be synchronized with the patient's breathing or with the cardiac cycle. The systems can use combinations of images to generate physical parameters and related derived images. The images, the spectra, and the measurements of physical parameters, after being interpreted by the medical specialist, provide information that can facilitate the diagnosis and planning of the therapy. The accuracy of certain physical parameters depends on the system and the acquisition parameters, and must be regulated and validated by the clinical user. For some studies, the use of contrast media may be essential. During an MRI exam, energy is transferred to the patient in the form of radio frequency waves, changing magnetic fields and acoustic noise. The PHILIPS magnetic resonance systems do not emit radiation-ionizing agents. Non-invasive diagnostic equipment
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