Rayner acrylic intraocular lenses

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    C-flex Aspheric, Sulcoflex Aspheric, Sulcoflex Toric, Sulcoflex Aspheric and T-flex Aspheric ", specific serials.
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    SULCOFLEX lenses are contraindicated in patients in whom safe placement in the desired area can not be achieved. The absence of the peripheral capsule is safe, the lack of intact zonules, unusual oregular anatomy of the ciliary sulcus. Warnings: the unusual oregular anatomy of the ciliary sulcus can cause a postoperative regional displacement of the bundle. In such a case the mess can be realigned or fixed by suture. An iridiotomy or iridectomy may be necessary. Precautions and warnings: check the integrity of the sterile barrier system before deusing. Do not use if the barrier system is damaged. Do not sterilize. For sole use only. The single-use intraocular lens can not be used again since it is not designed to work as intended after the first and only use. Changes in mechanic, physical and chemical characteristics under conditions of repeated use, cleaning and resterilization will compromise the integrity of the intraocular lens.
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