RENASYS - G Kit with sterile gauze base

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    66020933, 66020934, 66020935, 66020936, 66800394, 66800494, 66800495, 66800496, 66800497, 66800932, || 66800933, 66800934, 66800935, 66800936, 66801255, || 66801256, 66801257 and 66801258, specific lots.
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    The RENASYS - G Kit with sterile gauze base SMITH & NEPHEW. It is used in conjunction with the wound pressure treatment system to deliver a negative pressure to a wound site for the healing effects of the wound itself. The RENASYS - G: with sterile gauze base SMTTH & NEPHEW will be used with negative pressure system to deliver negative pressure in the wound. SMITH & NEPHEW NPWT system indicated for patients who will benefit from a suction device (negative pressure), since any promotion of wound healing through the elimination of liquid risk and body fluids, wound exudates and infectious material. NPWT is appropriate for use in the following types of injuries: chronic, acute, traumatic, sub-acute and dehiscence of wounds, ulcers (such as hypertension or ladiabetes). Partial thickness burns. flaps and grafts.
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