RIA System (Reamer / Irrigator / Aspirator)

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    milling rod for SynReam 2.5 mm, length: 650 mm, sterile, reference 351.709S, lots || specific.
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    The RIA system (strawberry / irrigator / aspirator) is indicated for intramedullary milling and for the extraction of bone tissue, which cleans the medullary canal of bone marrow and debris. It is also used to clean the infected bone marrow canal, efficiently determine the size of the medullary canal for the acceptance of an implant or intramedullary prosthesis. RIA works by extracting autogenous bone tissue, finely morselized and bone marrow for any surgical intervention that requires a graft of bone tissue in order to facilitate fusion or fill bone defects. These interventions may be spinal fusion, joint arthrodesis, total joint replacement, fracture repair, absence of fracture consolidation, maxillofacial reconstruction, and tumor removal.
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