CardioCall ECG Event Recorder


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    CardioCall ECG Event Recorder, Spacelabs Healthcare Ltd
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    PCBAs PN #: 670-1670-00.  SERIAL NUMBERS in the US:  CARD-200990, CARD-201287, CARD-623478, CARD-623775, CARD-624198, CARD-624224, CARD-624314, CARD-624387, CARD-624404, CARD-624413, CARD-624891, CARD-625061, CARD-625089, CARD-625124, CARD-625232, CARD-625269, CARD-625296, CARD-625304, CARD-625322, and CARD-625421.  SERIAL NUMBERS OUTSIDE THE US:  CARD-000019, CARD-000028, CARD-000037, CARD-000046, CARD-000064, CARD-000073, CARD-000073, CARD-000082, CARD-000091, CARD-000109, CARD-000118, CARD-000127, CARD-000136, CARD-000145, CARD-000163, CARD-000172, CARD-000181, CARD-000190, CARD-000208, CARD-000217, CARD-000226, CARD-000235, CARD-000244, CARD-000271, CARD-000280, CARD-000299, CARD-000307, CARD-000325, CARD-000334, CARD-000343, CARD-000352, CARD-000361, CARD-000370, CARD-000398, CARD-000406, CARD-000415, CARD-000424, CARD-000433, CARD-000442, CARD-000451, CARD-000479, CARD-000479, CARD-000488, CARD-000497, CARD-000505, CARD-000514, CARD-000523, CARD-000532, CARD-000550, CARD-000578, CARD-000596, CARD-000604, CARD-000613, CARD-000622, CARD-000631, CARD-000640, CARD-000659, CARD-000668, CARD-000677, CARD-000686, CARD-000703, CARD-000721, CARD-000730, CARD-000749, CARD-000758, CARD-000767, CARD-000776, CARD-000785, CARD-000785, CARD-000794, CARD-000802, CARD-000811, CARD-000820, CARD-000820, CARD-000839, CARD-000848, CARD-000857, CARD-000866, CARD-000875, CARD-000893, CARD-000910, CARD-000910, CARD-000929, CARD-000938, CARD-000947, CARD-000956, CARD-000974, CARD-000983, CARD-000992, CARD-001009, CARD-001018, CARD-001027, CARD-001027, CARD-001036, CARD-001045, CARD-001054, CARD-001063, CARD-001072, CARD-001072, CARD-001081, CARD-001090, CARD-001108, CARD-001117, CARD-001135, CARD-001144, CARD-001153, CARD-001171, CARD-001180, CARD-001199, CARD-001199, CARD-001207, CARD-001216, CARD-001225, CARD-001234, CARD-001243, CARD-001252, CARD-001261, CARD-001270, CARD-001289, CARD-001298, CARD-001306, CARD-001315, CARD-001333, CARD-001379, CARD-001388, CARD-001397, CARD-001405, CARD-001414, CARD-001423, CARD-001441, CARD-001603, CARD-002602, CARD-003304, CARD-003601, CARD-003908, CARD-005203, CARD-006103, CARD-200035, CARD-200116, CARD-200125, CARD-200486, CARD-200963, CARD-201016, CARD-201052, CARD-201124, CARD-201133, CARD-300016, CARD-300025, CARD-300034, CARD-300052, CARD-300070, CARD-300089, CARD-300098, CARD-300160, CARD-300188, CARD-300197, CARD-300205, CARD-300214, CARD-300223, CARD-300232, CARD-300269, CARD-300278, CARD-300313, CARD-300322, CARD-300331, CARD-300368, CARD-300395, CARD-300412, CARD-300421, CARD-300430, CARD-300458, CARD-300467, CARD-300476, CARD-300494, CARD-300511, CARD-300539, CARD-300548, CARD-300566, CARD-300576, CARD-300647, CARD-300656, CARD-300674, CARD-300692, CARD-300728, CARD-300755, CARD-300773, CARD-300782, CARD-300809, CARD-300818, CARD-300836, CARD-300881, CARD-300890, CARD-300917, CARD-300926, CARD-300944, CARD-301006, CARD-301042, CARD-301079, CARD-301114, CARD-301150, CARD-301178, CARD-301439, CARD-301484, CARD-400213, CARD-621894, CARD-623973, CARD-624846, CARD-625043, CARD-625160, CARD-625188, CARD-625250, CARD-625476, CARD-625511, CARD-625665, CARD-625818, CARD-627023, CARD-627546, CARD-627555, CARD-627564, CARD-627636, CARD-627645, CARD-627654, CARD-627663, CARD-627672, CARD-627708, CARD-627726, CARD-627744, CARD-627753, CARD-627771, CARD-627780, CARD-627834, CARD-627861, CARD-627898, CARD-627960, CARD-627997, CARD-628013, CARD-628031, CARD-628059, CARD-628077, CARD-628095, CARD-628112, CARD-628176, CARD-628220, CARD-628239, CARD-630065, CARD-630137, CARD-630146, CARD-630281, CARD-630443, CARD-630461, CARD-630498, CARD-630885, CARD-631235, CARD-631271, and CARD-631307.
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    Worldwide Distribution - US Distribution in the states of Nebraska, South Carolina, and Washington and in the following countries of AUSTRALIA, BELGIUM, BOLIVIA, CANADA, CHILE, DENMARK, GERMANY, GUATEMALA, HONG KONG, ITALY, NETHERLANDS, NEW ZEALAND, POLAND, PORTUGAL, QATAR, SINGAPORE, TURKEY, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, and UNITED KINGDOM.
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    Spacelabs Healthcare CardioCall ECG Event Recorder, Models VS20, VS20x4, ST80, ST80x4, PCBAs PN # 670-1670-00 || Product Usage: The CardioCall event recorder is worn by the patient to record a short period of electrocardiogram which can be sent to his physician.
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