QuikLyte Dilution Check


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    Catalog Number S640, Siemens Material Number (SMN) 10444872, Lot Number 4MD707
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    Worldwide Distribution.
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    QuikLYTE Dilution Check: used to monitor and adjust for the dilution ratio on Dimension clinical chemistry systems with the QuikLYTE module. || Intended Use of the QuikLYTE module : The Na+, K+, Cl and TCO2 methods on the Dimension clinical chemistry system with the QuikLYTE module are in vitro diagnostic tests intended for the quantitative measurement of sodium, potassium, chloride and total carbon dioxide in human serum and heparinized plasma. They are also intended for the quantitative measurement of Na+, K+ and Cl- in urine.
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    Model Catalog: 10444872 (Lot serial: LOT 4MD707); Model Catalog: S640 (Lot serial: LOT 4MD707)
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