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    Catalog #: 5010024, Model Number: 40DLP, Lot #: 0709240V
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    Nationwide: States of AL, GA, PA, FL, NE, WI, IL, LA, TX, AZ, MN, MA, CA, NY, OH, IN, and MI.
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    Vena Tech LP Vena Cava Filter System, Item No/REF. 05010024, Model No: 40DLP, B Braun. Manufacturer: B. Braun Medical 204, avenue du Marechal Juin BP 331 92107 Boulogne Cedex , France. (The VenaTech LP vena cava filter is pre-loaded in a syringe (cartridge) and provided as a system with introducer accessories and instructions to accommodate delivery and implantation either via the femoral or jugular approach.)
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