Acrobat Swing (AC Swing) arm

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    Acrobat Swing (AC Swing) arm. Manufactured by Ondal.Supplied by various companies to support operating lights and monitors.Delivered from 1999 to 2008 inclusive.Identifying affected devices:The Ondal AC Swing arm may be curved or straight.Curved arms will usually have a plastic spigot joint, which needs to be changed. Some may have a metal spigot joint, which is not affected.Straight arms usually have a metal spigot joint, which is not affected.  However, all straight arms should be checked to confirm that this is the case.Suppliers may have added their name to the product and issued their own Field Safety Notices (FSN) on this issue. Advice includes removing the plastic cap on top of the spigot joint, held in place by a cross-head screw. If the spigot is plastic, contact the supplier of the equipment to arrange for them to replace the affected swing arm.The affected Ondal AC Swing spring arms are widely used in the UK. Suppliers include (but are not limited to) the following: Trumpf Brandon Draeger Martin Merivaara
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    Contact the company that supplied you with the swing arm.Known suppliers are: Trumpf Name: Alasdair Owen Telephone number: 01582 399 201 Brandon Name: Mandy Pearson Telephone number: 0113 272 8844 Draeger Name: Doug Sims Telephone number: 01442 292 868 Martin Name: Dr Ingo Haas Telephone number: 00 49 7463 838 185 Merivaara Name: Esko Hyvarinen Telephone number: 00 358 333 94 6186Note: this is not an exhaustive list of suppliers.
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