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    All serial numbers of the ADVIA Centaur CP System are impacted by this ''field correction''.
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    ADVIA Centaur CP System, Catalog/Part Number 086-A001. Automated Immunoassay Analyzer. --- Classification of the Device: Under 21 CFR, Part 862.2160, the ADVIA Centaur CP is a discrete photometric chemistry analyzer for clinical use and is classified as a Class I (general control) device. --- The ADVIA Centaur CP is part of Bayer's Immunochemistry analyzer family, which also includes the ADVIA Centaur and the ACS:180. Based on FDA guidance for deciding when regulatory filings are warranted for device modifications, as well as, the FDA Instrument Family and Replacement Reagent Policy Guidance, Bayer determined that the changes associated with the ADVIA Centaur CP did not affect the safety and effectiveness of the predicate device (ACS:180) and therefore no device modification 510(k) was warranted. The ADVIA Centaur CP instrument uses the same reagents as the ADVIA Centaur. The ACS:180 was cleared by FDA under 510(k) # K902336, and the ADVIA Centaur was cleared by FDA under 510(k) # K971418. The ADVIA Centaur CP system was released for sale in November 2005 and distribution of these systems began at that time. All ADVIA Centaur CP Systems are impacted. There is no expiration date for these systems.
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