Verso Shoulder Forked Retractor


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    all lots of PN: 402852
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    Worldwide Distribution - US including CA, NY, VA, IL, IN, SC, NC, AR, MO, ND, AL, PA, MI, WA, OR, LA, FL, GA, OH, KS, KY, TX, MA, AZ, NJ, UT, IO, NM, WV, MS, NE, and MD OUS: Australia, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Argentina, Korea, Japan, Panama, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Canada, and The Netherlands.
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    Verso Shoulder Forked Retractor (Comprehensive Instrumentation 2 Prong Retractor) || Biomet Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder products are indicated for use in patients whose shoulder joint has a grossly deficient rotator cuff with severe arthropathy and/or previously failed shoulder joint replacement with a grossly deficient rotator cuff. The patient must be anatomically and structurally suited to receive the implants and a functional deltoid muscle is necessary. The Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder is indicated for primary, fracture, or revision total shoulder replacement for the relief of pain and significant disability due to gross rotator cuff deficiency.
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    Biomet Orthopaedic: Verso Shoulder Forked Retractor
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