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  • Empresa matriz del fabricante (2017)
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    Product: 865471 Number 453564251511 Serial Numbers: US23200121, US23200122, US23200123, US23200124, US23200125, US23200126, US23200127, US23200128, US23200129, US23200130, US23200131, US23200132, US23200133, US23200134, US23200135, US23200136, US23200137, US23200138, US23200139, US23200140, US23200141, US23200142, US23200143, US23200144, US23200145, US23200146, US23200147, US23200148, US23200149, US23200150, US23200151, US23200152, US23200153, US23200154, US23200155, US23200156, US23200157, US23200158, US23200159, US23200160, US23200161, US23200162, US23200163, US23200164, US23200165, US23200166, US23200167, US23200168, US23200169, US23200170, US23200172, US23200173, US23200176, US23200177, US23200178, US23200179, US23200180, US23200181, US23200182, US23200183, US23200184, US23200188, US23200189, US23200190, US23200191, US23200192, US23200193, US23200194, US23200195, US23200196, US23200197, US23200198, US23200199, US23200200, US23200201, US23200202, US23200203, US23200204, US23200205, US23200206, US23200207, US23200208, US23200209, US23200210, US23200211, US23200212, US23200213, US23200214, US23200215, US23200216, US23200217, US23200218, US23200219, US23200220, US23200221, US23200222, US23200223, US23200224, US23200225, US23200226, US23200227, US23200228, US23200229, US23200230, US23200231, US23200232, US23200233, US23200234, US23200235, US23200236, US23200237, US23200238, US23200239, US23200240, US23200241, US23200242, US23200243, US23200244, US23200245, US23200246, US23200247, US23200248, US23200249, US23200250, US23200251, US23200252, US23200253, US23200254, US23200255, US23200256, US23200257, US23200258, US23200259, US23200260, US23200261, US23200262, US23200263, US23200264, US23200265, US23200266, US23200267, US23200268, US23200269, US23200270, US23200271, US23200272, US23200273, US23200274, US23200275, US23200276, US23200277, US23200278, US23200279, US23200280, US23200281, US23200282, US23200283, US23200284, US23200285, US23200286, US23200287, US23200288, US23200289, US23200290, US23200291, US23200292, US23200293, US23200294, US23200295, US23200296, US23200297, US23200298, US23200299, US23200300, US23200301, US23200302, US23200303, US23200304, US23200305, US23200306, US23200307, US23200308, US23200309, US23200310, US23200311, US23200312, US23200313, US23200314, US23200315, US23200316, US23200317, US23200318, US23200319, US23200320, US23200321, US23200322, US23200323, US23200324, US23200325, US23200326, US23200327, US23200328, US23200329, US23200330, US23200331, US23200332, US23200333, US23200334, US23200335, US23200336, US23200337, US23200338, US23200339, US23200340, US23200341, US23200342, US23200343, US23200344, US23200345, US23200346, US23200347, US23200349, US23200350, US23200351, US23200352, US23200353, US23200354, US23200356, US23200357, US23200358, US23200359, US23200360, US23200361, US23200362, US23200363, US23200364, US23200365, US23200366, US23200367, US23200368, US23200369, US23200370, US23200371, US23200372, US23200373, US23200374, US23200375, US23200376, US23200377, US23200378, US23200379, US23200380, US23200381, US23200382, US23200383, US23200385, US23200386, US23200387, US23200388, US23200389, US23200390, US23200391, US23200393, US23200394, US23200395, US23200397, US23200398, US23200399, US23200400, US23200401, US23200402, US23200403, US23200405, US23200406, US23200407, US23200408, US23200409, US23200410, US23200411, US23200413, US23200415, US23200416, US23200419, US23200421, US23200422, US23200423, US23200424, US23200425, US23200427, US23200428, US23200429, US23200431, US23200434, US34600510, US34600511, US34600512, US34600513, US34600514, US34600515, US34600516, US34600517, US34600518, US34600519, US34600520, US34600521, US34600522, US34600523, US34600524, US34600525, US34600526, US34600528, US34600529, US34600530, US34600531, US34600532, US34600533, US34600534, US34600535, US34600536, US34600537, US34600538, US34600539, US34600540, US34600541, US34600542, US34600543, US34600544, US34600545, US34600546, US34600547, US34600548, US34600549, US34600550, US34600551, US34600552, US34600553, US34600554, US34600555, US34600556, US34600557, US34600558, US34600559, US34600560, US34600561, US34600562, US34600563, US34600564, US34600565, US34600566, US34600567, US34600568, US34600569, US34600570, US34600571, US34600572, US34600573, US34600574, US34600575, US34600576, US34600577, US34600578, US34600579, US34600580, US34600581, US34600582, US34600583, US34600584, US34600585, US34600586, US34600587, US34600588, US34600589, US34600590, US34600591, US34600592, US34600592, US34600593, US34600594, US34600595, US34600596, US34600597, US34600598, US34600599, US34600600, US34600601, US34600602, US34600603, US34600604, US34600605, US34600606, US34600607, US34600608, US34600609, US34600610, US34600611, US34600612, US34600613, US34600614, US34600615, US34600616, US34600617, US34600618, US34600619, US34600620, US34600621, US34600622, US34600623, US34600624, US34600625, US34600626, US34600627, US34600628, US34600629, US34600630, US34600631, US34600632, US34600633, US34600634, US34600635, US34600636, US34600637, US34600638, US34600639, US34600640, US34600641, US34600642, US34600643, US34600644, US34600645, US34600646, US34600647, US34600648, US34600649, US34600650, US34600651, US34600652, US34600653, US34600654, US34600655, US34600656, US34600657, US34600658, US34600659, US34600660, US34600661, US34600662, US34600663, US34600664, US34600665, US34600666, US34600667, US34600668, US34600669, US34600670, US34600671, US34600672, US34600673, US34600674, US34600675, US34600676, US34600677, US34600678, US34600679, US34600680, US34600681, US34600682, US34600683, US34600684, US34600685, US34600686, US34600687, US34600688, US34600689, US34600690, US34600691, US34600692, US34600693, US34600694, US34600695, US34600696, US34600697, US34600698, US34600699, US34600700, US34600701, US34600702, US34600703, US34600704, US34600705, US34600706, US34600707, US34600708, US34600709, US34600710, US34600711, US34600712, US34600713, US34600714, US34600715, US34600716, US34600717, US34600718, US34600719, US34600720, US34600721, US34600722, US34600723, US34600724, US34600729, US34600730, US34600731, US34600732, US34600733, US34600734, US34600735, US34600736, US34600737, US34600738, US34600739, US34600740, US34600741, US34600742, US34600743, US34600744, US34600745, US34600747, US34600748, US34600749, US34600750, US34600751, US34600752, US34600753, US34600754, US34600755, US34600756, US34600757, US34600758, US34600759, US34600760, US34600761, US34600762, US34600763, US34600764, US34600765, US34600766, US34600767, US34600768, US34600769, US34600770, US34600771, US34600772, US34600773, US34600774, US34600775, US34600776, US34600777, US34600778, US34600779, US34600780, US34600781, US34600782, US34600783, US34600784, US34600786, US34600787, US34600788, US34600789, US34600790, US34600791, US34600792, US34600794, US34600795, and US34600796
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    Worldwide distribution: US (nationwide) including states of: AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, MI, MN, MO, MS, NC, NE, NH, NJ, MN, NV, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, WA, WI, WV, Hawaii, Alaska, and District of Columbia; and countries of: Australia, Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, and United Kingdom.
  • Descripción del producto
    Philips IP5 Information Portal || The Expression Information Portal (Model IP5), a display and device controller for Philips MRI patient monitoring systems, is intended for use by trained health care professionals to remotely monitor the vital signs of patients undergoing MRI procedures.
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    865471 | see letter
  • Descripción del producto
    MD: Single-patient physiologic monitoring system
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