artis q floor


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    Artis Q floor - Serial number: 103030 103013 103039 103008 103035 103001 103028 103040
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    Nationwide Distribution
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    Artis zee/zeego and Artis Q/Q.zen system, x-ray, angiographic || AXIOM Artis zee and Q/Q.zen is a family of dedicated angiography systems developed for single and biplane diagnostic imaging and interventional procedures including, but not limited to , pediatric and obese patients. Procedures that can be performed with the AXIOM Artis-zee/zeego and Q/Q.zen family include cardiac angiography, neuro angiography, general angiography, rotational angiography, operating room angiography, multipurpose angiography and whole body radiographic/fluoroscopic procedures. AXIOM Artis zee/zeego and Q/Q.zen can also support the acquisition of position triggered imaging for spatial data synthesis
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    Artis systems with wireless footswitchProducts Affected: AXIOM Artis FC, AXIOM Artis MP, AXIOM Artis dTA, AXIOM Artis dFC, AXIOM Artis dTC, AXIOM Artis dBA, AXIOM Artis dMP, AXIOM Artis dFC Magnetic Navigation, AXIOM Artis dBC, Artis zee floor, Artis zee ceiling, Artis zee multi-purpose, Artis zee biplane, Artis zeego, Artis Q floor, Artis Q ceiling, Artis Q biplane, Artis zeego.Q, Artis Q.zen floor, Artis Q.zen biplane, Artis one, ARTIS phenoARTG Numbers: 273952 and 222194
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