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    Lot Number: 61388M100, 57919M100, 54754M100, and 52632M100.
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    Worldwide Distribution including United States, Mexico, Columbia, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Bahamas, Guatemala, Argentina, Germany, Thailand, Trinidad/Tobago, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, El Salvador, Singapore, Australia, Curacao and Cayman Island.
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    ABBOTT Clinical Chemistry Bilirubin Calibrator, List Number 1E66-04. || The device is intended for medical purposes for use in a test system to establish points of reference that are used in the determination of values in the measurement of substances in human specimens. The product is used to calibrate assays used to determine bilirubin concentrations in neonate and adult patient samples.
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    Chemistry Calibrator used with ADVIA Chemistry Systems Direct Bilirubin Assay (DBIL_2). An in vitro diagnostic medical device (IVD).ADVIA Chemistry CalibratorSiemens Material Number (SMN): 10312279 Lot Numbers: 680726 (exp. 2017-06), 680726A (exp. 2017-09), 680726B (exp. 2017-09), 680726C (exp. 2018-02), 680726D (exp. 2018-02)ARTG Number: 185171
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