LIMA Modular Revision Hip stem


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    1005528A, 1006882A, 1107305A, 1101798A, 1100565A, 1005531A, 1211716A, 1007408A, 1004038B, 1005533D, 1106805A, 1203471A, 1005533C, 1100565A, 1101795A, 1007079A, 1005532A, 1100560A
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    US Nationwide - US Nationwide in the states of MS, OH, RI, NY, OK, TX, CA, HI
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    LIMA Modular Revision Hip Stem Model 428-01-050_110 || Product Usage: || The Modular Revision Femoral hip stem is made up of a modular stem coupled with a proper neck by means of a Morse taper stabilized during the implantation phase by a safety screw. This system is particularly indicated for revision surgery on both uncemented and cemented femoral implants, when there is significant bone loss and an abnormal meta-epiphyseal anatomy of the femur.
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