Aptio Automation


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    Note published by the authorities from the Netherlands: This message is a warning from the manufacturer. After placing a medical device on the market, the manufacturer is obliged to follow the device and, where necessary, to improve it. When there is a risk for the user, the manufacturer must take action. The manufacturer informs users and the inspection of this action with a warning (Field Safety Notice). See also medical device warnings. This is part of the supervision of medical technology.
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    Serial Numbers:  Accelerator a3600 -  ACP.150 ACP.185 ACP.186 ACP.192 ACP.202 ACP.214  FlexLab - FLX.0165 FLX.0127 FLX.0128 FLX.0133 FLX.0157 FLX.0160 FLX.0181  Aptio Automation - AP2.0054 AP2.0056 AP2.0060 AP2.0078 AP2.0095  Part Numbers of impacted sample tube carriers: 721501001 for 43 mm carriers, and 0A00006957 for 40 mm carriers
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    Distributors in 2 states: NY and IL.
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    FlexLab (FLX), Accelerator a3600 (ACP), Aptio Automation (AP2), Laboratory Automation System
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