IGS 630 Imaging Systems

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    IGS 630 Imaging Systems with a list of System ID numbers mentioned below: SA2308VA01; 34006VAS02; 956389IGS630; M4152252; MCMIGS630; 702731ANGIO2; 732828IGS30; CS1340VA01; 210705CATH1; ZA2239VA01; 661327IGS630; 850060746; 904202WCL2; 850060749; 281MHWCL1; 303839CL4; 281420LAB3BP; 817BGIGS630; 215576IGS4; YV1900; YV1901; YV1902; YV1903; YV1904; YV1905; YV1906; YV1950; YV1907
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    X-ray system, diagnostic, fluoroscopic: IGS 630 Imaging Systems
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