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    Oximetry measurement catheters, reference Class IV - CC1.P1, serial 260 614.
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    The LICOX® brain tissue oxygen monitoring system, probes and introducers, also known as the LICOX® core pressure and temperature oxygen pressure monitoring probes and their introducers, are sterile invasive single-use devices for monitoring the viability of the tissue through of the measurement and monitoring of partial pressure of oxygen and temperature in tissues (PtO²). The system of devices LICOX ® braintissue oxygen monitoring probes and introducers are adaptable to applications of monitoring the partial pressure of oxygen and temperature of brain tissue and tissues in plastic and reconstructive surgery. The LICOX ® braintissue oxygen monitoring system introducers are indispensable for the placement of the monitoring probes and are specific as they are only indicated for the placement of the probes. The LICOX® brain tissueoxygen monitoring system probes and introducers are flexible micro-catheters used for short-term monitoring (5 days maximum use) of oxygen partial pressure (PtO²) in brain tissue and other tissues such as soft tissues, which are directly introduced in the tissues by means of their introducer kits and they are connected to the LICOX ® brain tissue oxygenmonitors by means of specific cables (the monitors will be registered in a separate register).
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