Device Recall ARROW Epidural Needle Component

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    Product number AN-05501, Lot numbers: 23F13J0530, RF2108954, RF6127264, RF8045530, RF0021370, RF3014600, RF6127624, RF8070744, RF0035171, RF3026989, RF7031498, RF8083748, RF0050648, RF5084669, RF7043570, RF8096949, RF0075647, RF5094931, RF7088907, RF8123534, RF0092301, RF5106225, RF7090151, RF9015869, RF2021938, RF5118327, RF7102346, RF9030002, RF2044557, RF5120725, RF7113197, RF9071402, RF2058276, RF6081852, RF8018337, RF9098526, RF2083791, RF6092570, RF8020947, and RF9113319.
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    Distribution US Nationwide, Canada and Mexico.
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    ARROW Epidural Needle Component (product number AN-05501). Epidural needles permit access to the epidural space and are used as a conduit for epidural catheter placement.
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    Arrow International Inc, 2400 Bernville Road, Reading PA 19605
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