Device Recall GlideScope Video Laryngoscope (AVL)

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    ***ADDITIONAL 23 SERIAL NUMBERS IN US AND INTERNATIONAL AS OF 12/31/15***  AD145054, AD151509, AD151510, AD151511, AD151512, AD151514, AD151516, AD151517, AD151518, AD151519, AD151520, AD151521, AD151522, AD151523, AD151526, AE151507, AE151529, AE151542, AE151543, AE151544, AF151517, AF151518, and AF151522.   ****SERIAL NUMBERS OF UNITS IN THE US***************************************** AD141605, AD141610, AD141614, AD141615, AD141618, AD141621, AD141622, AD141623, AD141624, AD141646, AD141647, AD141651, AD141652, AD141653, AD141654, AD141655, AD141674, AD141684, AD145000, AD145001, AD145005, AD145006, AD145007, AD145008, AD145010, AD145011, AD145012, AD145013, AD145014, AD145015, AD145027, AD145028, AD145029, AD145030, AD145031, AD145035, AD145036, AD145037, AD145040, AD145041, AD145042, AD145043, AD145044, AD145045, AD145046, AD145047, AD145048, AD145050, AD145051, AD145052, AD145057, AD145064, AD145065, AD145066, AD145069, AD151504, AD151505, AD151535, AE141629, AE141631, AE141632, AE141633, AE141638, AE141639, AE141640, AE145011, AE145012, AE145013, AE145014, AE145015, AE145016, AE145017, AE145018, AE145019, AE145020, AE145021, AE145022, AE145023, AE145026, AE145027, AE145028, AE145032, AE145033, AE145034, AE145035, AE145036, AE145037, AE145038, AE145039, AE145040, AE146010, AE146011, AE146012, AE146013, AE146014, AE146015, AE146016, AE146017, AE146018, AE146019, AE146020, AE146021, AE146022, AE146023, AE146024, AE146025, AE146026, AE146027, AE146033, AE146034, AE146035, AE146036, AE146037, AE146038, AE146039, AE146040, AE146041, AE146042, AE146043, AE146047, AE146048, AE146051, AE146053, AE146054, AE151504, AE151505, AE151506, AE151513, AE151514, AE151515, AE151516, AE151517, AE151518, AE151519, AE151520, AE151522, AE151523, AE151524, AE151525, AE151526, AE151535, AE151538, AE151539, AE151540, AE151541, AF141570, AF141571, AF141580, AF141582, AF145006, AF145011, AF145015, AF146019, AF146029, AF146031, AF146032, AF146035, AF146036, AF146037, AF146038, AF151500, AF151502, AF151503, AF151504, AF151505, AF151506, AF151508, AF151510, AF151512, AF151515, and AF151516.   ****SERIAL NUMBERS OF UNITS OUTSIDE THE US**************** AD141603, AD141604, AD141607, AD141608, AD141609, AD141611, AD141612, AD141613, AD141617, AD141619, AD141620, AD141625, AD141626, AD141627, AD141628, AD141629, AD141631, AD141632, AD141633, AD141634, AD141635, AD141636, AD141637, AD141638, AD141639, AD141640, AD141641, AD141642, AD141643, AD141644, AD141645, AD141648, AD141650, AD141656, AD141657, AD141658, AD141659, AD141660, AD141661, AD141662, AD141663, AD141664, AD141665, AD141666, AD141667, AD141668, AD141669, AD141670, AD141671, AD141672, AD141673, AD141675, AD141676, AD141677, AD141678, AD141679, AD141680, AD141681, AD141682, AD141683, AD145002, AD145003, AD145016, AD145017, AD145018, AD145019, AD145020, AD145021, AD145022, AD145023, AD145024, AD145025, AD145026, AD145032, AD145033, AD145034, AD145038, AD145039, AD145049, AD145053, AD145055, AD145056, AD145058, AD145059, AD145060, AD145061, AD145062, AD145063, AD145068, AD145070, AD145071, AD145072, AD146000, AD146002, AD146003, AD146004, AD146005, AD146006, AD146007, AD146008, AD146009, AD146010, AD146011, AD146012, AD146013, AD146014, AD146015, AD151500, AD151501, AD151502, AD151503, AD151506, AD151507, AD151508, AE141630, AE141634, AE141635, AE141636, AE141637, AE141641, AE141642, AE141643, AE141644, AE141645, AE141646, AE141647, AE141648, AE141649, AE141650, AE141652, AE141653, AE141654, AE141655, AE141656, AE141657, AE141664, AE141665, AE141666, AE141667, AE141668, AE141669, AE145000, AE145001, AE145002, AE145003, AE145004, AE145005, AE145006, AE145007, AE145008, AE145009, AE145025, AE145029, AE145030, ae145031, AE146000, AE146001, AE146003, AE146004, AE146006, AE146007, AE146008, AE146009, AE146028, AE146029, AE146031, AE146032, AE146044, AE146045, AE146046, AE146052, AE151500, AE151501, AE151502, AE151503, AE151508, AE151509, AE151510, AE151511, AE151512, AE151521, AE151527, AE151528, AE151532, AE151533, AE151534, AE151536, AE151537, AE151545, AF141572, AF141573, AF141579, AF141581, AF141583, AF141585, AF141586, AF141587, AF141588, AF141589, AF145000, AF145001, AF145002, AF145003, AF145005, AF145007, AF145008, AF145009, AF145010, AF145013, AF145014, AF145016, AF145017, AF145018, AF145019, AF145020, AF145021, AF146000, AF146001, AF146002, AF146003, AF146004, AF146005, AF146006, AF146007, AF146008, AF146009, AF146010, AF146011, AF146012, AF146013, AF146014, AF146015, AF146016, AF146017, AF146018, AF146020, AF146021, AF146022, AF146023, AF146024, AF146025, AF146026, AF146027, AF146028, AF146030, AF146033, AF146034, AF151501, AF151507, AF151513, AF151514, AF151520, AF151521, and AF151525.
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    Worldwide Distribution - US (nationwide including Puerto Rico) and Internationally to Bahrain, Belgium, Bermuda, Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria, Canada, China , Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, India , Indonesia, Iran , Israel, Italy , Japan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Palestinian Territories, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Republic of Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and U.A.E.
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    GlideScope AVL Video Laryngoscope (AVL), Part Number AVL 3- 0574-0115; AVL 4-0574-0116, AVL 5- 0574-0117. || AVL is a video laryngoscope that incorporates a high resolution color camera, an LED light source and video output to a remote monitor. This system has a digital platform.
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    Verathon, Inc., 20001 N Creek Pkwy, Bothell WA 98011-8218
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