Device Recall GlideScope Video Laryngoscope (GVL)

  • Modelo / Serial
    ***ADDITIONAL 72 SERIAL NUMBERS IN US AND INTERNATIONAL AS OF 12/31/15 ***  LG151991, LG152083, LG152084, LG152180, LG152181, LG152183, LG152184, LG152185, LG152186, LG152187, LG152188, LG152189, LG152191, LG152192, LG152193, LG152194, LG152195, LG152196, LG152197, LG152198, LG152199, LG152201, LG152202, LG152203, LG152204, LG152205, LG152206, LG152207, LG152208, LG152209, LG152210, LG152216, LG152217, LG152218, LG152219, LG152220, LG152221, LG152222, LG152223, LG152224, LG152225, LG152226, MD151720, MD151835, MD151879, MD151880, MD151881, MD151882, MD151883, MD151885, MD151886, MD151887, MD151888, MD151891, MD151895, MD151896, MD151897, MD151898, MD151900, MD151901, MD151902, MD151903, MD151904, MD151921, MD151923, MD151924, MD151925, MD151926, MD151927, MD151928, XL151554, and XL151569.     ****SERIAL NUMBERS OF UNITS IN THE US***************************************** LG151858, LG151859, LG151860, LG151861, LG151862, LG151863, LG151866, LG151868, LG151869, LG151870, LG151872, LG151873, LG151874, LG151875, LG151876, LG151877, LG151878, LG151880, LG151881, LG151882, LG151883, LG151884, LG151885, LG151890, LG151891, LG151892, LG151893, LG151894, LG151895, LG151896, LG151898, LG151899, LG151900, LG151901, LG151903, LG151904, LG151906, LG151907, LG151908, LG151909, LG151917, LG151918, LG151919, LG151920, LG151921, LG151922, LG151923, LG151924, LG151925, LG151926, LG151927, LG151928, LG151930, LG151931, LG151932, LG151933, LG151934, LG151935, LG151936, LG151937, LG151938, LG151939, LG151940, LG151941, LG151942, LG151943, LG151944, LG151945, LG151946, LG151947, LG151948, LG151949, LG151952, LG151953, LG151954, LG151955, LG151957, LG151959, LG151961, LG151963, LG151964, LG151965, LG151967, LG151969, LG151972, LG151977, LG151978, LG151979, LG151981, LG151984, LG151985, LG151986, LG151987, LG151988, LG151989, LG151990, LG151993, LG151994, LG151996, LG151997, LG151998, LG152000, LG152001, LG152002, LG152003, LG152004, LG152005, LG152006, LG152007, LG152008, LG152009, LG152010, LG152011, LG152012, LG152013, LG152014, LG152015, LG152016, LG152017, LG152018, LG152019, LG152020, LG152021, LG152022, LG152023, LG152024, LG152025, LG152026, LG152027, LG152028, LG152029, LG152030, LG152032, LG152033, LG152034, LG152036, LG152037, LG152038, LG152039, LG152044, LG152045, LG152046, LG152048, LG152049, LG152050, LG152051, LG152052, LG152053, LG152054, LG152058, LG152059, LG152060, LG152061, LG152062, LG152063, LG152065, LG152066, LG152067, LG152069, LG152071, LG152072, LG152073, LG152074, LG152076, LG152079, LG152081, LG152082, LG152085, LG152086, LG152087, LG152088, LG152089, LG152090, LG152092, LG152093, LG152094, LG152095, LG152096, LG152097, LG152098, LG152099, LG152100, LG152101, LG152102, LG152103, LG152104, LG152105, LG152106, LG152107, LG152113, LG152114, LG152115, LG152116, LG152117, LG152118, LG152119, LG152120, LG152121, LG152122, LG152124, LG152126, LG152132, LG152133, LG152134, LG152135, LG152140, LG152141, LG152142, LG152143, LG152144, LG152145, LG152146, LG152147, LG152148, LG152150, LG152152, LG152153, LG152154, LG152155, LG152156, LG152158, LG152159, LG152160, LG152161, LG152162, LG152163, LG152164, LG152170, LG152171, LG152172, LG152173, LG152178, LG152179, MD151705, MD151706, MD151707, MD151708, MD151709, MD151710, MD151711, MD151712, MD151713, MD151717, MD151718, MD151719, MD151727, MD151728, MD151729, MD151730, MD151731, MD151733, MD151744, MD151745, MD151746, MD151748, MD151749, MD151750, MD151752, MD151753, MD151754, MD151756, MD151757, MD151758, MD151760, MD151761, MD151762, MD151766, MD151767, MD151768, MD151769, MD151770, MD151771, MD151772, MD151773, MD151774, MD151775, MD151776, MD151779, MD151780, MD151781, MD151782, MD151783, MD151785, MD151786, MD151787, MD151788, MD151789, MD151792, MD151793, MD151794, MD151795, MD151796, MD151797, MD151798, MD151799, MD151800, MD151801, MD151802, MD151803, MD151804, MD151805, MD151806, MD151807, MD151808, MD151812, MD151817, MD151818, MD151819, MD151822, MD151823, MD151824.MD151825, MD151826, MD151827, MD151828, MD151829, MD151830, MD151831, MD151832, MD151833, MD151834, MD151837, MD151839, MD151840, MD151841, MD151842, MD151843, MD151844, MD151845, MD151846, MD151847, MD151848, MD151850, MD151851, MD151852, MD151853, MD151854, MD151855, MD151856, MD151857, MD151858, MD151860, MD151861, MD151862, MD151863, MD151864, MD151865, MD151866, MD151868, MD151869, MD151870, MD151871, MD151872, MD151875, MD151876, MD151877, MD151878, MD151931, MD151932, XL151543, XL151545, XL151546, XL151547, XL151548, XL151549, XL151551, XL151552, XL151556, XL151557, XL151558, XL151559, XL151560, XL151562, XL151563, XL151564, XL151566, XL151567, XL151568, XL151570, and XL151572.   ****SERIAL NUMBERS OF UNITS OUTSIDE THE US*******************  LG151886, LG151887, LG151888, LG151905, LG151910, LG151911, LG151912, LG151913, LG151914, LG151915, LG151916, LG151950, LG151951, LG151958, LG151960, LG151962, LG151966, LG151973, LG151974, LG151975, LG151976, LG151980, LG151982, LG151983, LG151992, LG151995, LG151999, LG152031, LG152035, LG152040, LG152041, LG152042, LG152043, LG152047, LG152055, LG152056, LG152057, LG152064, LG152075, LG152077, LG152078, LG152080, LG152091, LG152108, LG152109, LG152110, LG152111, LG152112, LG152123, LG152125, LG152127, LG152128, LG152129, LG152130, LG152131, LG152136, LG152137, LG152138, LG152139, LG152149, LG152151, LG152157, LG152165, LG152167, LG152168, LG152169, LG152174, LG152175, LG152176, LG152177, LG152211, LG152212, LG152213, LG152214, LG152215, LG152227, LG152228, LG152229, LG152231, LG152232, MD151685, MD151686, MD151687, MD151688, MD151689, MD151690, MD151691, MD151692, MD151693, MD151694, MD151695, MD151696, MD151697, MD151698, MD151699, MD151700, MD151701, MD151702, MD151703, MD151704, MD151714, MD151715, MD151716, MD151721, MD151722, MD151723, MD151724, MD151725, MD151732, MD151734, MD151735, MD151736, MD151737, MD151738, MD151740, MD151741, MD151742, MD151755, MD151759, MD151763, MD151764, MD151765, MD151777, MD151778, MD151784, MD151790, MD151791, MD151809, MD151810, MD151811, MD151813, MD151814, MD151815, MD151816, MD151820, MD151821, MD151859, MD151873, MD151874, MD151905, MD151906, MD151907, MD151908, MD151909, MD151910, MD151911, MD151912, MD151914, MD151915, MD151916, MD151917, MD151918, MD151919, MD151920, MD151929, MD151930, XL151544, XL151550, XL151561, and XL151571.
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    Worldwide Distribution - US (nationwide including Puerto Rico) and Internationally to Bahrain, Belgium, Bermuda, Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria, Canada, China , Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, India , Indonesia, Iran , Israel, Italy , Japan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Palestinian Territories, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Republic of Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and U.A.E.
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    GlideScope Video Laryngoscope (GVL), Part Number GVL 3 - 0574-0007; GVL 4 - 0574-0001; GVL 5- 0574-0030. || The system consists of a video laryngoscope and portable video monitor. The GlideScope Video Laryngoscopes are intended for use by qualified medical professionals to obtain a clear, unobstructed view of the vocal cords for medical procedures. || GVL is a video laryngoscope that incorporates a high resolution color camera, an LED light source and video output to a remote monitor.
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    Verathon, Inc., 20001 N Creek Pkwy, Bothell WA 98011-8218
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