Integra Kits for Epidural Anesthesia Administration

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    Kit Cat No: 10-2433,13-2595,13-2616,13-2628,3104195,3403061,3403150,3403316,3403579,3403727,3403776,3403813,3403989,3404131,3404269,3404293,3404417,3404468,3404578,3503559,CUS025,CUS1121-01,CUS1164-02,CUS1202-04,CUS1298-03,CUS1376,CUS1376,CUS1400-01,CUS1406-03,CUS1415-04,CUS1568-01,CUS1664-01,CUS1696,CUS1723,CUS1760,CUS1773-01,CUS1797,CUS279-02,CUS416,CUS597,CUS628-02,CUS755,PISLL7,RSM394,RSM395,SS1246,SS2036-01,
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    USA Nationwide Distribution and one foreign consignee in Mursalat.
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    Integra Disposable, Convenience Kit Single Shot Epidural Tray Reorder Number 340269 Rx Only || Product Usage: || The Integra kits which contain a BD LOR syringe are intended to provide licensed medical professionals with a kit containing drugs and other medical devices that are used to support the administration of general, local or spinal anesthetics. The BD LOR syringe is intended for use, in conjunction with an epidural needle, to verify the needle tip placement is in the epidural space by use of the Loss of Resistance Technique as detailed in medical textbooks and medical journal articles. The LOR Syringe is not intended for injection or aspiration.
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    Integra LifeSciences Corp. d.b.a. Integra Pain Management, 3498 West 2400 South #1050, Salt Lake City UT 84119
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