Device Recall Pathfinder Holter Analyzer

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    Serial Numbers: PATH-6020, PATH-6412, PATH-9072, PATH-12569, PATH-33320, PATH-33331, PATH-006005, PATH-006043, PATH-006175, PATH-006302, PATH-006314, PATH-006317, PATH-006319, PATH-006332, PATH-006333, PATH-006350, PATH-006351, PATH-006447, PATH-006448, PATH-006449, PATH-006450, PATH-006486, PATH-006487, PATH-006488, PATH-006489, PATH-006502, PATH-006505, PATH-006506, PATH-006527, PATH-006528, PATH-006531, PATH-006537, PATH-006538, PATH-006542, PATH-006544, PATH-006545, PATH-006572, PATH-006573, PATH-006609, PATH-006610, PATH-006612, PATH-006613, PATH-006630, PATH-006631, PATH-006632, PATH-006662, PATH-006663, PATH-006664, PATH-006665, PATH-006666, PATH-006712, PATH-006735, PATH-006736, PATH-006738, PATH-006831, PATH-006839, PATH-006858, and PATH-006861.
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    Worldwide Distribution--USA (nationwide) including states of CA and NC and countries of Czech Republic, Denmark, Hong Kong, Israel, The Netherlands, and United Kingdom.
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    Pathfinder Holter Analyzer is a Programmable Diagnostic Computer. || The brochure is labeled in part: "***Pathfinder Holter Analyzer ***Spacelabs Healthcare Company Headquarters***5150 220th Ave. SE, Issaquah, WA 98029***PO Box 7018, Issaquah, WA 98027-7018***Telephone: 425-657-7200***In North America: 800-522-7025******". || The Reynolds Pathfinder 700 Holter Analyzer is intended to be used to analyze magnetic tapes of ambulatory electrocardiograms made on compatible Holter Recorders. The system will detect various arrhythmias and will measure ST elevation or depression. The system acts in both a automatic mode (tape analyzed without operator intervention) and in an interactive mode; (operator can intervene and affect analysis).
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    Spacelabs Healthcare, Llc, 5150 220th Ave Se, Issaquah WA 98029-6834
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