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    Serial Numbers: 4711A00132 4725A02724 4711A00354 4725A02791 4716A00562 4725A02897 4717A00702 4725A02927 4717A00703 4725A03255 4717A00705 4732A03719 4717A00706 4732A03725 4717A00724 4732A03764 4717A00725 4732A03765 4717A00799 4732A03766 4717A00857 4732A04028 4718A00957 4732A04031 4718A01077 4732A04134 4718A01078 4732A04178 4718A01120 4732A04400 4718A01121 4732A04623 4718A01454 4732A04671 4721A01670 4732A04675 4721A01711 4732A04746 4721A01731 4732A04868 4721A01773 4732A04869 4721A01797 4732A04870 4721A01828 4732A04871 4721A01919 4732A04872 4721A01993 4732A04873 4721A01994 4732A04874 4721A01997 4732A04875 4721A02164 4732A04876 4725A02354 4732A04877 4732A04890 4732A04896
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    Worldwide Distribution -USA including states of CA, MA, TX, IN, MI, FL, MN, NC, MS, HI, RI, NH, and PA, and countries of Canada, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, and The United Kingdom.
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    Philips Medical Systems, M3290A IntelliVue Information Center Software for M3170 Intellivue Patient Link, Catalog Number: 865007 and 865015; Running Software Versions J.00.23, J.00.24, J.00.25, and J.00.26, Manufactured and Distributed by; Philips Medical Systems, Andover, MA 01810
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    Philips Medical Systems, 3000 Minuteman Road, Andover MA 01810
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