Device Recall Scimed ChoIce Floppy PTCA Guide Wire 182 cm

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    Individual pouch codes are coded catalog # 12132-01, batch 4785750 expiration date 2004-05 and the five pack outer boxes are coded: Catalog No. 12132-01, batch 4806821 expiration date 2004-5.
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    Product was distributed to hospitals in FL, MI, GA, OR, ID AND CT. 05.
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    Product is a ChoICE 182 cm Guide Wire, intended to facilitate placement of balloon dilatation catheters and other therapeutic devices during Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) procedures. The ChoICE guide wire contains a one-piece stainless steel core, which extends throughout the length of the wire and provides steerability and torqueability. The wire is tapered and formed at the distal tip. A radiopaque platinum spring coil surrounds the distal tip of the core wire. || The ChoICE Guide Wire is a single use, sterile (EO), device packaged in a carrier tube, which is held in a coil by plastic clips. The carrier tube assembly of the guide wire is sealed into a pouch. One side of the pouch is clear polyethylene/polyester laminate and the reverse side is Tyvek. The pouch assemblies are packaged in a five-pack product box. A flushing tool is included in the package to facilitate hydration of the coating with heparanized saline before use. || 1, page 1, is a copy of the pouch label. Exhibit 1, page 2 is a copy of the five-pack product box label. Exhibit 2 is a copy of the Directions for Use.
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    Symbiosis Corp., 8600 NW 41th Street, Miami FL 33166
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