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  • Modelo / Serial
    US23200113, US23200120, US23200121, US23200122, US23200123, US23200124, US23200125, US23200126, US23200127, US23200128, US23200129, US23200130, US23200131, US23200132, US23200133, US23200134, US23200135, US23200136, US23200137, US23200138, US23200139, US23200140, US23200141, US23200142, US23200143, US23200144, US23200145, US23200146, US23200147, US23200148, US23200149, US23200150, US23200151, US23200152, US23200153, US23200154, US23200155, US23200156, US23200157, US23200158, US23200159, US23200160, US23200161, US23200162, US23200163, US23200164, US23200165, US23200166, US23200167, US23200168, US23200169, US23200170, US23200172, US23200173, US23200176, US23200177, US23200178, US23200179, US23200180, US23200181, US23200182, US23200183, US23200184, US23200185, US23200186, US23200187, US23200188, US23200189, US23200190, US23200191, US23200192, US23200193, US23200194, US23200195, US23200196, US23200197, US23200198, US23200199, US23200200, US23200201, US23200202, US23200203, US23200204, US23200205, US23200206, US23200207, US23200208, US23200209, US23200210, US23200211, US23200212, US23200213, US23200214, US23200215, US23200216, US23200217, US23200218, US23200219, US23200220, US23200221, US23200222, US23200223, US23200224, US23200225, US23200226, US23200227, US23200228, US23200229, US23200230, US23200231, US23200232, US23200233, US23200234, US23200235, US23200236, US23200237, US23200238, US23200239, US23200240, US23200241, US23200242, US23200243, US23200244, US23200245, US23200246, US23200247, US23200248, US23200249, US23200250, US23200251, US23200252, US23200253, US23200254, US23200255, US23200256, US23200258, US23200259, US23200260, US23200261, US23200262, US23200263, US23200264, US23200265, US23200266, US23200267, US23200268, US23200269, US23200270, US23200271, US23200272, US23200273, US23200274, US23200275, US23200276, US23200277, US23200278, US23200279, US23200280, US23200281, US23200282, US23200283, US23200284, US23200285, US23200286, US23200287, US23200288, US23200289, US23200290, US23200291, US23200292, US23200293, US23200294, US23200295, US23200296, US23200297, US23200298, US23200299, US23200300, US23200301, US23200302, US23200303, US23200304, US23200305, US23200306, US23200307, US23200308, US23200309, US23200310, US23200311, US23200312, US23200313, US23200314, US23200315, US23200316, US23200317, US23200318, US23200319, US23200320, US23200321, US23200322, US23200323, US23200324, US23200325, US23200326, US23200327, US23200328, US23200329, US23200330, US23200331, US23200332, US23200333, US23200334, US23200335, US23200336, US23200337, US23200338, US23200339, US23200340, US23200341, US23200342, US23200343, US23200344, US23200345, US23200346, US23200347, US23200349, US23200350, US23200351, US23200352, US23200353, US23200354, US23200355, US23200356, US23200357, US23200358, US23200359, US23200360, US23200361, US23200362, US23200363, US23200364, US23200365, US23200366, US23200367, US23200368, US23200369, US23200370, US23200371, US23200372, US23200373, US23200374, US23200375, US23200376, US23200377, US23200378, US23200379, US23200380, US23200381, US23200382, US23200383, US23200385, US23200386, US23200387, US23200388, US23200389, US23200390, US23200391, US23200393, US23200394, US23200395, US23200397, US23200398, US23200399, US23200400, US23200401, US23200402, US23200403, US23200405, US23200406, US23200407, US23200408, US23200410, US23200411, US23200413, US23200414, US23200415, US23200416, US23200417, US23200419, US23200421, US23200422, US23200423, US23200424, US23200425, US23200427, US23200428, US23200429, US23200431, US23200434
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    Worldwide Distribution - USA and the countries of Australia, Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.
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    Invivo Corporation Expression IP5 Information Portal || Product Usage: || The Expression Information Portal (Model IP5) a display and device controller for Philips MRI patient monitoring systems, is intended for use by trained health care professional to remotely monitor the vital signs of patients undergoing MRI procedures. Available monitoring from the IP5 can include ECG, SpO2, non-invasive and invasive blood pressure, CO2, respiration, anesthetic agents, gases, and temperature parameters.
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    Invivo Corporation, 12151 Research Pkwy, Suite 200, Orlando FL 32826-3222
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