Touchscreen Display Model 94267

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    Serial Number for U.S. Cosignees: PRO-12240004, PRO-12240015, PRO-12240017, PRO-12240018, PRO-12240022, PRO-12240026, PRO-12240028, PRO-12240030, PRO-12240031, PRO-12240032, PRO-12240033, PRO-12240034, PRO-12240036, PRO-12240037, PRO-12240038, PRO-12240040, PRO-12240041, PRO-12240058, PRO-12240059, PRO-12240062, PRO-12240063, PRO-12240077, PRO-12240084, PRO-12240090, pro-12260008, PRO-12260016, pro-12260018, PRO-12260023, pro-12260024, PRO-12260032, pro-12260033, pro-12260035, PRO-12260036, PRO-12260037, pro-12260038, pro-12260041, pro-12260044, pro-12260055, pro-12260059, PRO-12260060, PRO-12260062, pro-12260064, pro-12260065, pro-12260068, pro-12260070, pro-12260071, pro-12260073, PRO-12260076, PRO-12260077, PRO-12260080, PRO-12260081, PRO-12260082, PRO-12260083, PRO-12260085, PRO-12260086, PRO-12260087, PRO-12260088, PRO-12260092, PRO-12260094, PRO-12260096, PRO-12260097, pro-12260121, pro-12260125, pro-12260131, pro-12260164, pro-12260167, pro-12260172, PRO-12260175, PRO-12260183, pro-12260185, pro-12280036, pro-12280049, pro-12280062, pro-12280119, pro-12280121, pro-12280126, pro-12280127, pro-12280131, pro-12280133, pro-12280134, pro-12280136, pro-12280137, pro-12280152, pro-12280155, pro-12280156, pro-12280160, pro-12280161, pro-12280162, pro-12280163, pro-12280173, pro-12280174, pro-12280175, pro-12280177, pro-12280182, pro-12280205, pro-12280232, pro-12280272, pro-12280273.   Serial number for International Consignees:  PRO-12240056, PRO-12260005, pro-12260006, PRO-12260012, PRO-12260013, pro-12260019, PRO-12260020, PRO-12260021, pro-12260022, pro-12260025, pro-12260026, pro-12260027, pro-12260028, PRO-12260029, PRO-12260030, pro-12260031, PRO-12260040, PRO-12260043, PRO-12260045, PRO-12260046, pro-12260047, PRO-12260051, PRO-12260053, PRO-12260057, PRO-12260075, pro-12260079, PRO-12260111, PRO-12260118, PRO-12260122, pro-12260124, pro-12260128, pro-12260140, pro-12260143, PRO-12260146, PRO-12260147, PRO-12260149, PRO-12260151, PRO-12260152, PRO-12260153, PRO-12260155, PRO-12260156, PRO-12260157, pro-12260158, PRO-12260159, PRO-12260160, PRO-12260161, PRO-12260162, PRO-12260163, PRO-12260169, PRO-12260170, pro-12260171, pro-12260174, PRO-12260176, PRO-12260178, pro-12260179, pro-12260180, pro-12260182, pro-12260189, pro-12260190, pro-12260191, PRO-12260192, pro-12260193, pro-12260195, pro-12260199, pro-12280006, pro-12280023, pro-12280132, pro-12280135, pro-12280141, pro-12280206, pro-12280225.
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    Worldwide Distribution--US (nationwide) including states of Alaska, California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, South Carolina, and Texas., and the countries of Canada, Chile, France, Libya, Panama, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and United Kingdom
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    The touchscreen display (model 94267) designed for use with the XPREZZON bedside monitor (model 91393) is width-452 mm (17.2 inches) and height- 368 mm (14.5 inches). The depth without the pedestal --- 67.7 mm (2.67 inches). The display is an integrated LCD 19-Inch. || The Spacelabs Healthcare Xprezzon Bedside Monitor passively displays data generated by Spacelabs parameter modules.
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    Spacelabs Healthcare, Llc, 5150 220th Ave Se, Issaquah WA 98029-6834
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