Device Recall ABX PENTRA Multical. ABX PENTRA N Control ABX PENTRA P Control

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    Model Numbers:Multical - A11A01652, N Control - A11A01653, P Control - A11A01654.  Lot Numbers: MultiCal: 1204101 and 1304901, N Control: 1300801, P Control: 1300601.  Expiration Date (s): MultiCal: 1204101 Expires on 05/31/14, MultiCal: 1304901 Expires on 07/15/15, N Control: 1300801 Expires on 11/05/14, P Control: 1300601 Expires on 11/05/14.
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    United States nationwide distribution.
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    ABX PENTRA Multical. || ABX PENTRA N Control. || ABX PENTRA P Control. || The ABX PENTRA 400 and PC200 are benchtop clinical chemistry analyzers using two || measuring principals: absorbance and ion selective electrodes. || The ABX PENTRA Multical is a lyophilized human serum calibrator with chemical || additives and materials of biological origin. The assigned values of the calibrator || components are given in the enclosed annex, ensuring optimal calibration of the || appropriate HORIBA ABX SAS methods on the ABX PENTRA Clinical Chemistry || Analyzer. This calibrator is provided in ten vials of 3 ml.
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    Horiba Instruments, Inc dba Horiba Medical, 34 Bunsen, Irvine CA 92618-4210
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