Device Recall ABX PENTRA Urine Control L/H

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    Model/Part #(s): A11A01674. Lot/Serial #(s): 1207001, 1303601, and 1300701. Shelf Life: Lot#s 1207001 & 1300701 Expire on: 06/30/2014. Lot# 1303601 Expires on: 09/30/2014.
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    Worldwide Distribution - USA (nationwide) and Canada.
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    ABX PENTRA Urine Control L/H. || The ABX PENTRA Urine Control L/H is a two-level (Low and High) quality control || consisting of liquid solutions prepared from human urine with chemical additives and || materials of biological origin added as required to obtain given component levels. The || assigned values of the control components are given in the labeling, ensuring control of || the appropriate HORIBA ABX SAS methods on the ABX PENTRA chemistry analyzers. || Each control level is provided in one vial of 10 ml. || The ABX PENTRA Urine Control L/H is for use in quality control by monitoring accuracy and precision.
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    Horiba Instruments, Inc dba Horiba Medical, 34 Bunsen, Irvine CA 92618-4210
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