Device Recall Allegra X5 Centrifuge

  • Modelo / Serial
    AFB13H005, AFB13H008, AFB13H012, AFB13K002, AFB13K005, AFB13K008, AFB13J002, AFB13J003, AFB13J004, AFB13J005, AFB13J007, AFB15J001, AFB15C010, AFB13K009, AFB14H001, AFB15C008, AFB15C003, AFB15C005, AFB15C004, AFB15C006, AFB14H005, AFB14H003, AFB13K004, AFB13K006, AFB13K007, AFB13J008, AFB13K001, AFB13J006, AFB13J010, AFB13H013, AFB13H009, AFB13H003, AFB13H004
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    Worldwide Distribution - US Nationwide (including Puerto Rico) and the countries of: Australia, Canada, Colombia, Germany, Guatemala, Netherlands, Singapore, Tunisia, , Spain
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    Allegra X-5 rotor yoke, Catalog No. (Instruments) B30589 and B30590 (Rotor) B30593. Product Labeling: IFU B29071AA. || Product Usage: || For In Vitro Diagnostic Use. The Allegra X-5 is intended for the separation of components through the use of relative centrifugal force. It is designed to separate human samples, including blood and other body fluids, for processing, analysis and in vitro diagnostic testing, as well as non-human body samples and chemicals, including industrial and environmental samples. This centrifuge should be operated by qualified personnel only.
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    Beckman Coulter Inc., 250 S Kraemer Blvd, Brea CA 92821-6232
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