Device Recall Bayer Contour TS blood glucose meter

  • Modelo / Serial
    Test strip lots WK7DD3E31A, WK7DD3E31B, WK7DD3E31D, WK7DD3E51C, WK7DD3E51D, WK7ED3E02A, WK7ED3E04A, WK7ED3E51B, WK7ED3E52A, WK7ED3E52C, WK7ED3E52D, WK7ED3E52E, WK7ED3E53C, WK7ED3E53F, WK7FD3E01C, WK7FD3E01D, WK7FD3E01E, WK7FD3E04A, WK7FD3E31C, WK7FD3E31D, WK7FD3E31E, WK7FD3E31F, WK7FD3E31H, WK7FD3E32C, WK7FD3E34A, WK7FD3E34B, WK7FD3E51A, WK7FD3E51B, WK7GD3E01A, WK7GD3E02A, WK7GD3E05A, WK7GD3E51A and WK7GD3E51B.
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    Worldwide Distribution --- including USA and countries of Austria, France, India, Korea, Mexico, Philippines and Turkey.
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    Bayer Contour TS blood glucose monitoring system with 10 blood glucose test strips enclosed; Bayer Healthcare, Mishawaka, IN. Products 1802 and 1802N (U.S.), 1810 (Korea), 1811 (India, Korea and Mexico) and 1825 (Mexico).
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    Bayer Healthcare LLC, 430 S Beiger Street, Mishawaka IN 46544-3207
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