Device Recall DimensionTACR (DF107) and Dimension Tacrolimus Calibrator (DC107)

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    TACR Flex Reagent cartridge, material #10444938, (DF107) lot BB4087 with expiration date 3/28/14 and its linked calibrator, material #10445012, (DC 107) lot 3BD029 with expiration date 03/01/14.
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    USA Nationwide Distribution including the states of: TX, NC, GA, TN, UT, NJ, MI, VA, AR, LA, MO, FL, AZ, CA, DC, PA, NH, WI, SD, SC, NM, MD, and IN.
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    Dimension Tacrolimus Flex reagent cartridge (DF107) and Dimension TACR CAL (DC107) || Product Usage: The TACR method is an in vitro diagnostic test intended to quantitatively measure Tacrolimus in human whole blood on the Dimension clinical chemistry system. Measurements of Tacrolimus are used as an aid in the management of tacrolimus therapy in kidney and liver transplant patients.
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    Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Inc., 500 Gbc Dr Ms 514, PO BOX 6101, Newark DE 19702-2466
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