Device Recall enGen (TM) Laboratory Automation Systems

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    US Serial Numbers/J Numbers: B3ZHP2J/JB3ZHP2J; 736BM4J/J736BM4J; 953289/J953289; 953252/J953252; HJ5K84J/JHJ5K84J; FCM073J/JFCM073J; HPKG25J/JHPKG25J; GWXQ52J/JGWXQ52J; GBX395J/GBX395J; JFBX395J/JFBX395J; FXCBG3J/JFXCBG3J; 3RHC23J/J3RHC23J; JG7BFB5J/JG7BFB5J; 953270/J953270; 953221/J953221; 54FC01J/J54FC01J; 953209/J953209; 5J4B45J/J5J4B45J; 5LQ6Q2J/ J5LQ6Q2J; 2Z3YV1J/J2Z3YV1J; FRKMB2J/JFRKMB2J; 5GV6W2J/5GV6W2J; 7KSC15J/J7KSC15J; 953276/J953276; J2QKG25J/J2QKG25J; DK2BG3J/JDK2BG3J; 953266/J953266; J86PWC5J/ J86PWC5J; JXBQW4J/JJXBQW4J; CXL941J/JCXL941J; J953224/J953224; 36PWC5J/J36PWC5J; 4HX7S4J/J4HX7S4J --- Foreign Serial Numbers/J #s: CRKM82/J31265; 2S5OP0J/J31067; C4Z655J/ J31421; 6VR7K4J/J31401;  90JYS22/J31350; HWJZY4J/JHWJZY4J; J3J4B45J/J3J4B45J; JCT20Q3J/JCT20Q3J; J953234/J953234; J41BCY4J/J41BCY4J; J953244/J953244; J1HX7S4J/ J1HX7S4J; J16XQH4J/J16XQH4J; GWJZY4J/ GWJZY4J; DWXO52J/DWXO52J; 17QP94J/J20022; BGV6W2J/ J20003; H5PWC5J/J271371; 2LSSF5J/J271377; 1K5K84J/ J271264; 8W7WG3J/J85206; 96XQHAJ/ J7023645; 1LSSF5J/J7025050; 86T205J/ J7024893; C3JTP4J/J7023847; D3JTP4J/J7023874; C1JNZ5J/J7023730;  7DRJ44J/J7023728; 7YCF43J/J7023435; 18BFB5J/J7025017; J953222/J953222; J2V6LW4J/J2V6LW4J; J56T205J/J56T205J; BGV6W2J/J57663; 4drj44j/J800103; 6KSC15J/J1801116; FWGFC4J/J75663;  7GV6W2J/J75615; BT9PB5J/ J75666; JT6LW4J/ J30372; 38769917923/JTAINAN1; F2250767/J3055503; F1150698/ J3055496.
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    MA, NJ, NY, NY, PA,DE, MD, WV, NC, GA, FL, TN, MS, OH, MI, IL, MO, NE, AR, TX, CO, ID, TX, CA and Foreign distribution to the following countries: Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, England, France, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom.
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    enGen (TM) Laboratory Automation Systems using all TCAutomation(TM) Software Versions with the InOut Communication Interface, IVD
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    Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, 100 Indigo Creek Dr, Rochester NY 14626-5101
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