enGen Laboratory Automation System

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    Software Versions 3.6.1 and below; Affected US Serial Numbers: 5GV6W2J,GBX395J, J2QKG25J, 2Z3YV1J, 3RHC23J, 4HX7S4J, 54FC01J, 5J4B45J, 736BM4J, 7KSC15J, J86PWC5J, 953209, 953221, 953266, 953270, B3ZHP2J, CXL941J, JFBX395J, FCM073J, FXCBG3J, JG7BFB5J, GWXQ52J, HJ5K84J, HPKG25J -- Affected Foreign Serial Numbers: DWXO52J, GWJZY4J, J16XQH4J, BGV6W2J, 17QP94J, 4SHPF4J, 1K5K84J, 37QP34J, H5PWC5J, J2V6LW4J, F6MXR3J, JT6LW4J, N0551107, F1150698, 46XQH4J, 2S5OP0J, CRKM82, J41BCY4J, J56T205J, BGV6W2J, 7YCF43J, 96XQHAJ, C1JNZ5J, C3JTP4J, D3JTP4J, 86T205J, 18BFB5J, 96PWC5J, 1LSSF5J, 4drj44j, 8W7WG3J, J953222, J953244, JCT20Q3J, HWJZY4J, 38769917923.
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    Worldwide Distribution-(Nationwide) and foreign distribution to the following countries: Belgium, Bermuda, Canada, Chile, Denmark, France, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Taiwan and United Kingdom.
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    enGen Laboratory Automation System (Product Code ENGEN) configured with Thermo Scientific Centrifuge Module and TCAutomation Software Version 3.6.1 and Below; IVD. --- Thermo Scientific Centrifuge Module has Product Code || 952040-EG 6844097. || The VITROS 5,1 FS Chemistry System with enGen Laboratory Automation System is intended for use in the in vitro quantitative measurement of a variety of analytes of clinical interest, using both VITROS Chemistry Products Slides (colorimetric endpoint, rate, ion-selective electrode, and immunorate methods) and VITROS Chemistry Products MicroTip liquid reagents (spectrophotometric and spectrophotometric immunoassay methods).
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    Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, 100 Indigo Creek Dr, Rochester NY 14626-5101
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