Inpeco SA FlexLab, Accelerator a3600 and Aptio Automation

  • Modelo / Serial
    Shucko Socket with P/N: 693822160, Model: CMSA/HETTICH - STORAGE - i2000SR, Length: 3 meters; Shucko Socket with P/N: 693822170, Model: CMSA/HETTICH - STORAGE - i2000SR, Length: 5 meters; Shucko Socket with P/N: 693822190, Model: CMSA/HETTICH - STORAGE - i2000SR, Length: 7 meters; Shucko Socket with P/N: 0C00005640, Model: CMSA/HETTICH - STORAGE - i2000SR, Length: 2 meters.  The Serial number of the impacted products globally distributed are the following: ACP.009, ACP.024, ACP.039, ACP.054, ACP.069, ACP.084, ACP.100, ACP.115 , ACP.010, ACP.025, ACP.040, ACP.055, ACP.070, ACP.085, ACP.101, ACP.116, ACP.011, ACP.026, ACP.041, ACP.056, ACP.071, ACP.086, ACP.102, ACP.117, ACP.012, ACP.027, ACP.042, ACP.057, ACP.072,ACP.087, ACP.103, ACP.118 , ACP.013, ACP.028, ACP.043, ACP.058, ACP.073, ACP.088, ACP.104, ACP.119, ACP.014, ACP.029, ACP.044, ACP.059, ACP.074, ACP.089, ACP.105, ACP.120, ACP.015, ACP.030, ACP.045, ACP.060, ACP.075, ACP.090, ACP.110, ACP.121, ACP.016, ACP.031, ACP.046, ACP.061, ACP.076, ACP.091, ACP.107, ACP.122 ,ACP.017, ACP.032, ACP.047, ACP.062, ACP.077, ACP.092, ACP.108, ACP.123 ,ACP.018, ACP.033, ACP.048, ACP.063, ACP.078, ACP.093, ACP.109, ACP.124, ACP.019, ACP.034, ACP.049, ACP.064, ACP.079, ACP.094, ACP.110, ACP.125, ACP.020, ACP.035, ACP.050, ACP.065, ACP.080, ACP.096, ACP.111, ACP.126 ,ACP.021, ACP.036, ACP.051, ACP.066, ACP.081, ACP.097, ACP.112, ACP.127 , ACP.022, ACP.037, ACP.052, ACP.067, ACP.082, ACP.098, ACP.113, ACP.128, ACP.023, ACP.038, ACP.053, ACP.068, ACP.083, ACP.099, ACP.114, ACP.129, FLX.103, FLX.0120, FLX.0131, FLX.0137, FLX.0143, FLX.0161, FLX.0166, FLX.0179, FLX.0104, FLX.0124, FLX.0134, FLX.0140, FLX.0152, FLX.0163, FLX.0175, FLX.0108, FLX.0125, FLX.0135, FLX.0141 FLX.0155, FLX.0164, FLX.0176, FLX.0115, FLX.0126, FLX.0136, FLX.0142, FLX.0158, FLX.0165, FLX.0178, AP2.0001, AP2.0004, AP2.0006, AP2.0008, AP2.0010, AP2.0012, AP2.0014, AP2.0003, AP2.0002, AP2.0005, AP2.0007, AP2.0009, AP2.0011, AP2.0013, AP2.0015, FLX.0008, FLX.0133, FLX.0149, FLX.0153, FLX.0159, FLX.0167, FLX.0170, FLX.0174, FLX.0069, FLX.0139, FLX.0150 FLX.0156, FLX.0162, FLX.0168, FLX.0172, FLX.0179, FLX.0132, FLX.0147, FLX.0151, FLX.0157, FLX.0166, FLX.0169, FLX.0173 ,FLX.0121, FLX.0138, FLX.0144, FLX.0145, FLX.0146, FLX.0148, FLX.0176 and FLX.0181.
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    Worldwide Distribution - US including Texas and New York. Foreign Consignees: Germany, Italy, France, Austria and Spain.
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    FlexLab, Accelerator a3600 and Aptio Automation are modular systems designed to automate Pre-Analytical and Post-Analytical processing, sample handling in order to automate sample processing in the Laboratory. || The systems consolidate multiple Analytical instruments into a unified workstation.
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    Inpeco S.A., Via San Gottardo 10, Lugano Switzerland
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