Stat Profile Critical Care Xpress (CCX and CCX)

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    Lots 806050, 806182, 806242, 806567, 806721, 806752, and 807246.
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    Worldwide Distribution -- USA, Canada, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Italy, Hungary, India, UK, Ireland, Venezuela, Brazil, and Hong Kong.
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    Stat Profile Critical Care Xpress (CCX and CCX+), CCX Creatinine Membrane Kit for CCX analyzer || Catalog # 35238 || Intended for in vitro diagnostic use by health care professionals and for point-of-care usage in the quantitative determination of pH, PCO2, PO2, SO2%, Hematocrit (Hct), Ca++, total hemoglobin (tHb), Oxyhemoglobin (O2Hb), Carboxyhemoglobin (COHb), Methemoglobin (MetHb), reduced hemoglobin (HHb), Oxygen content (O2Ct) and Oxygen capacity (O2Cap) in heparinized whole blood; Na+, K+, CL-; Ca++, Mg++, Glucose heparinized whole blood, serum, or plasma.
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    Nova Biomedical Corporation, 200 Prospect St, Waltham MA 02453-3457
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