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    No serial numbers, no codes, and no expiration dates.
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    Nationwide distribution: USA including states of NC, MN, OR and WI.
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    DISPOSA-SHIELD. The Disposable Curing Shield For Your Curing Light. The disposable Disposa-Shield are sold in different sizes from 6 mm, 8 mm, 9 mm, 11 mm and 13 mm. || The devices are Intended to be place over the tip of a dental curing light wand to protect the doctor's and patient's vision from exposure to high intensity light; soften contact of curing light against the teeth, and keep light guide cleaner, therefore maintaining good levels of light intensity for proper and fast curing The label of the O'Ryan Disposa-Shield listed the following: -Protect Doctor's And Patient's Vision From Exposure To High Intensity Light. -Soften Contact Of Light Guide Against Teeth. -Keep Light Guide Cleaner, Therefore, Maintaining Good Levels Of Light Intensity For Proper And Faster Curing. || There are 25 devices per clear plastic bag when distributed in bulk and two devices per clear plastic zip lock type bag when distributed with curing lights. || The "Sterilize Before Use" label is placed on a clear plastic bag containing 25 pieces of Disposa-Shield units distributed with all shipment of bulk Disposa-Shield. || The "Sterilize Before Use" label is NOT placed on plastic zip lock type bag when distributed with two Disposa-Shield with curing lights. || The product is labeled in parts: || "***DISPOSA-SHIELD***The Disposable Curing Shield For Your Curing Light***STERILIZE BEFORE USE***O'RYAN INDUSTRIES***INSTRUCTIONS FOR INSTALLING DISPOSA-SHIELD***1. Remove and dispose of old DISPOSA-SHIELD***2. Sterilize wand tip***3. Simply stretch new DISPOSA-SHIELD over tip of wand***800-426-4311 or (360) 892-0447***(360) 892-6742 Fax***info@oryanindustries.com***'. || The private label is labeled in parts: || "***DISPOSA-SHIELD***The Disposable Curing Shield For Your Curing Light***ALMORE INTERNATIONAL , INC***STERILIZE BEFORE USE***".
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    O'Ryan Industries Inc, 12711 NE 95th St, Vancouver WA 98682-2412
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