DirectFRAP (Direct Flourescence Recovery After Photobleaching

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    DirectFRAP (Direct Flourescence Recovery After Photobleaching) Imaging System is an extension unit for Axio Observer that is used for microscopic analyses of dynamic processes within living cells. The DirectFRAP module is a component used in conjunction with Laser Scanning Microscopes, Non-Medical Devices for Research Use. The DirectFRAP Imaging System is a Class 3B laser system. || The DirectFRAP Imaging System is a laser manipulation slider which allows coupling of laser light simultaneously with the conventional fluorescence illumination into the reflected-light beam path of the microscope system. Depending on the application, the laser light is used for the targeted bleaching of fluorophores for FRAP experiments or for the conversion of fluorophores within the cell.
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    Zeiss, Carl Inc, 1 Zeiss Dr, Thornwood NY 10594-1939
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