VITALTEMP General Purpose Probe

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    Model Numbers 1016, 1016EU, R1016ES; GXXXX64 All units Made in Costa Rica are affected Lot Numbers:    12089A 12131A   5575A 5586X 5633U 5664E 5685G 5712T  12090B 12138A 5578K 5603R 5636Y 5666R 5685H  5714Z  12100A 12157B 5578L 5606U 5638P 5668N 5685J  12101B 12173A 5580Y 5614N 5638Q 5669G 5689Y  12102A 5573Q 5580Z 5615N 5648T 5669H 5691T  12108B 5574A 5581A 5621U 5648U 5671D 5692H  12109B 5574B 5581L 5623H 5653Z 5673V 5696Q  12114B 5574X 5583E 5631C 5658D 5683V 5700J  12117B 5574Y 5584C 5632V 5660C 5683W 5703N  12130B 5574Z 5584D 5633T 5664D 5683X 5708R
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    Worldwide distribution: USA (nationwide) including states of: AR, CA, FL,GA, IL, LA, MA, MI, MO, NC, NH, NY, OH, OK, PA, RI, SE,TX, and WA; and countries of: AUSTRALIA, BARCELONA, GERMANY, NEW ZEALAND, NETHERLANDS, SWITZERLAND, and UNITED KINGDOM.
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    Vital Signs Disposable General Purpose 9 French Temperature Probe || For monitoring of core temperature
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    Vital Signs Colorado Inc., 11039 East Lansing Circle, Englewood CO 80112-5909
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