15 Cycler Drainage Bag

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    Lot numbers: H12K20044, H12K20085, H12K21026, H13B04052, H13B04086, H13B05042, H13B05067, H13B06073, H13B07063, H13B13087, H13B14069, H13B14085, H13B15066, H13B18029, H13B18084, H13B20108, H13B22013, H13B22062, H13B23060, H13B24043, H13B25032, H13B25107, H13C06030, H13C06055, H13C07053, H13C07087, H13C08051, H13C09026, H13C09034, H13C09075, H13C11089, H13C12046, H13C12061, H13C13069, H13C19124, H13C20031, H13C20106, H13C21054, H13C22029, H13C25048, H13C25071, H13C26038, H13C26137, H13D02086, H13D03068, H13D04033, H13D04108, H13D10089, H13D10097, H13D11087, H13D12051, H13D12101, H13D13034, H13D13067, H13D15070, H13D15112, H13D16078, H13D16110, H13D19056, H13D19098, H13D20013, H13D20062, H13D21029, H13D22043, H13D22084, H13D23025, H13D23041, H13D24064, H13D25020, H13D25095, H13E01036, H13E01077, H13E02026, H13E02091, H13E03016, H13E07116, H13E08023, H13E08049, H13E09070, H13E10011, H13E10029, H13E13015, H13E13031, H13E14088, H13E14104, H13E15036, H13E21083, H13E22073, H13E23022, H13E23055, H13E24012, H13E24061, H13E28047, H13E28088, H13E29029, H13E30035, H13E30092, H13F04095, H13F04129, H13F05084, H13F06025, H13F06060, H13F07056, H13F11033, H13F12049, H13F12072, H13F12122, H13F13039, H13F13070, H13F14094, H13F18087, H13F19036, H13F20018, H13F20091, H13F21016, H13F21073, H13F22014, H13F22063, H13F25041, H13F25090, H13F26031, H13F26072, H13F27013, H13F27054, H13F28029, H13G09084, H13G10025, H13G10124, H13G11064, H13G12039, H13G12088, H13G16105, H13G17046, H13G18010, H13G18101, H13G19067, H13G19109, H13G23069, H13G24018, H13G24075, H13G25015, H13G25023, H13G26013, H13G26070, H13G31054, H13G31104, H13H01055, H13H02012, H13H02095, H13H05049, H13H06054, H13H06120, H13H07045, H13H13019, H13H13035, H13H13092, H13H14025, H13H14090, H13H15048, H13H15105, H13H20030, H13H20063, H13H21046, H13H21079, H13H22028, H13H22077, H13H23042
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    Worldwide Distribution - US Nationwide (including Puerto Rico) and countries of, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Columbia, Ecuador, Austria, Bahran, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Isreal, Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain (including Canary Islands), Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Turkey and United Arad Emirates.
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    15 L Cycler Drainage Bag || Product Usage: || For use with Baxter Cycler Tubing sets as a peritoneal dialysis accessory.
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    Baxter Healthcare Corp, 1 Baxter Pkwy, Deerfield IL 60015-4625
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