Device Recall Centrica

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    Lot #: 28090403, 03-0085, 03-0086, C030401
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    Product was released for distribution to 10 consignees. 83 units from the lot had been shipped to consignees. The U.S. States include: MD, TN, TX, OH, and IL. The recall was appropriately extended to the user level; i.e., clinics, hospitals and medical centers who received the recalled product. There were no shipments to U.S. Government facilities or foreign or Canadian distribution.
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    Sanarus brand Centrica¿ Rotational Core Biopsy medical device, Model/Product Code: CD-0500 (single Device); CD-1000 (5 pack)
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    Sanarus Medical Inc, 5880 West Las Positas Suite 52, Pleasanton CA 95488
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