Device Recall Drainage Bag

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    Lot numbers: 082943, 083375, 083302, 083232 and 100904.
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    Nationwide Distribution
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    Drainage Bag, Model 600D, 600 mL, Single use, Ethylene Oxide sterilized, Remington Medical, Inc., 6830 Meadowridge Court, Alpharetta, GA 30005. || The Biliary Drainage Bag is used to aid with fluid drainage involving abscess, biliary and nephrostomy. Mechanical failure of this device would result in patient discomfort. This device is not life sustaining no life supporting. The medical device is not intended to be implanted. This medical device has surface contact with the patient. Improper use of this device could cause fluid back-up and result in invasive contact through the catheter. The drainage bag will be used in conjunction with a nephrostomy/biliary drainage catheter.
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    Remington Medical Inc., 6830 Meadowridge Ct., Alpharetta GA 30005
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