Dialog Hemodialysis machine: Dialog 120 V DFAdimeaWANBSLBIC

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    Product Code 710200 USerial Number Range; 202136-203837
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    Nationwide Distribution to ND, OH, CA, VA, FL, LA, SC, IL, UT, AZ, KY, IA, WI, OK, TN, SD, AL, NJ, TX, NM, NY, KS, WA, MO, CO, PA, CT, DE, GA, MD, VA, Puerto Rico, and St. Thomas USVI
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    Dialog+ Hemodialysis machines: Dialog + 120 V DF+Adimea+WAN-BSL-BIC || Product Code # 710200U || Serial # 202136 and < 203837 || The Dialog+ can be used for implementing and monitoring hemodialysis treatments for patients with acute or chronic kidney failure. The system can be used in hospital, health center and outpatient dialysis center settings when prescribed by a Physician. The following types of renal replacement therapy can be carried out with the system: Hemodialysis (HD) with or without phases of pure ultrafiltration, High flux hemodialysis and low flux hemodialysis.
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    B Braun Medical Inc, 824 12th Ave, Bethlehem PA 18018-3524
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