3M Universal Electrosurgical Pad

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    Product REF 9130 Lot Numbers: 2019-02DT (Expiration 02-2019) and 2019-03DU (Expiration 03-2019) Product REF 9735-LP Lot Numbers: 2019-02DB and 2019-02CY. (Both with Expiration 02-2019)
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    Worldwide Distribution - US Nationwide in the states of AR, AZ, CA, FL, GA, ID, IL, KY, NC, NY, TN, TX, VA and the countries of Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Germany, Japan, Mexico and South Africa.
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    3M Universal Electrosurgical Pad, REF 9130 (100 pads / case) and || 3M Universal Electrosurgical Pad with Cord, REF 9135-LP (40 pads / case) || Product Usage: || 3M Universal Electrosurgical Pads are designed to work with most electrosurgical unite (ESU) for virtually every surgical application where electrosurgery is utilized to provide a safe return path for electrosurgical current. Solid Universal Electrosurgical Pads are for use with generators that do not have a Contact Quality Monitoring System (CQMS). Split Style Universal Electrosurgical Pad is for use with ESUs that have a CQMS (i.e. REM, ARM, NESSY, etc.). 3M Universal Electrosurgical Pads are designed to be used on any patient where full skin contact and a suitable placement site can be obtained. There are no patient weight restrictions for use of this product. Use of this product for unintended application could lead to an unsafe condition.
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    3M Company - Health Care Business, 3m Center 2510 Conway Ave , B# 275-5-W-6, Saint Paul MN 55144-0001
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    Medical Device Safety Alert: 3M Universal Electrosurgical Pads
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    3M Health Care
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