ArthroWand Saber 30 with Integrated Cable wand

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    Lot numbers 4T011660-A, 4T01670-A, 4T01670-B, 4T02460-A, 4T02670-A, 4T02980-A, 4T02980-B, 4T03160-A, 4T04480-A, 4T04480B, 4T04860-A, 4T04980-A, 4T04980-B, 4T06680-A, 4T06680-B, 4T06770-A, 4T07360-A, 4T07460-A, 4T07880-A, 4T08580-A, 4T09270-A, 4T09370-A, 4T09370-B, 4T09370-C, 4T09380-A, 4T09460-A, 4T09580-A, 4T09880-A, 4T10980-A, 4T12260-A, 4T12680-A, 4T12970-A, 4T13380-A, 4T13960-A, 4T13960-B, 4T14980-A, 4T14980-B, 4T15680-A, 4T16360-A, 4T17670-A, 4T17770-A, 4T18760-A, 4T18760-B, 4T18860-A, 4T19770-A, 4T20260-A, 4T20570-A, 4T20660-A, 4T21050-A, 4T22960-A, 4T22960-B, 4T22970-A, 4T24270-A, 4T24270-B, 4T24960-A, 4T25650-A, 4T26970-A, 4T27160-A, 4T27750-A, 4T28260-A, 4T28260-B, 4T29350-A, 4T30270-A, 4T30370-A, 4T32050-A, 4T32060-A, 4T32770-A, 4T33260-A, 4T34150-A, and 4T34960-A.
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    Worldwide Distribution including USA and countries of Netherlands, Slovak Republick, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Singapore, Russian Federatin, Greece, Japan, Saudi Arabia, India, Slovenia, Israel, South Africa, South Korea, Poland, Thailand, Jordan, Belgium, Finland, Portugal, Cyprus, Italy, UAE, Kuwait, China, Bahrain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Germany, Austria, UK, New Zealand, Mexico and Canada.
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    ArthroWand Saber 30 with Integrated Cable wand, Catalog number AC4330-01, Manufactured by ArthroCare Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA
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    ArthroCare Corporation, 680 Vaqueros Ave, Sunnyvale CA 94085-3523
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